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PASF Motto:
"De una sangre El ha hecho todas las naciones.”

2022-2023 Theme: 

Donde la belleza de la gente desafía las montañas

Country of Study: Perú

2023-2024 Country of Study:

Peninsula  Ibérica

Past PASF Themes & Country of study

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PASF is a youth organization which was founded in 1927 as a national organization.  Texas joined the organization in 1943.  The purpose of PASF then, as now, is to offer students and teachers a better opportunity to learn more about all the Americas and the Spanish speaking world, thus fostering cordial relations among these peoples.


The forum was sponsored by the Good Neighbor Commission of Texas from 1949 to 1987.  This relationship ended when the 70th State Legislature voted to eliminate the Good Neighbor Commission.  The Forum now functions as an independent organization.


The Pan American Student Forum is self supporting through nominal dues paid by its members and is self-governing through its elected state officers.  The objectives of PASF are to encourage a respect for all nationalities and an understanding of them based on a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of the peoples of the Western Hemisphere; to encourage the learning of Spanish as a medium of communication; and to serve as an example of what can be accomplished by individuals of different ancestry working together.

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