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Donde la belleza de la gente desafía las montañas 

Country of study: Perú

Each year the PASF Board of Directors selects a theme and a country or countries from the Americas and Spain as the main topic of study. Teacher sponsors should encourage their students to explore this year's theme. Students should use this rich history to dream and plan for the future of Texas which includes and respects all cultures; thus, reflecting the spirit of Pan-Americanism. This could be accomplished through reading assignments, special projects, guest speakers, or audio-visual presentations.


Membership is open to groups in any middle or senior high school in Texas where there are at least eight members. These students are under the supervision of a teacher sponsor who is willing to provide the necessary leadership and create an interest in developing the ideals of Pan-Americanism for the improvement of American relations. Dues are $13.00 per member per year.


They are set yearly by the Board of Directors. A receipt and membership cards are issued upon receipt of membership dues.  Each chapter must be enrolled by date determined by the PASF Board. Additional membership will be accepted throughout the academic school year. 

NOTE:  According to the bylaws, your school is considered a chapter when you have eight paid student members. As a chapter, your members are eligible to apply and participate in all PASF events. Any chapter with 100 or more members will have the convention registration fee reduced.

Board member duties


Current Board Members

The PASF Board of Directors is the governing body of the Pan American Student Forum.  The Board is composed of seven students and seven teachers.

All qualified teachers and students are encouraged to run for state office.  In order to ensure experience and continuity of the Board of Directors, teachers' terms of office are staggered.  The President/State Director, the Contest Director, the TAMOAS Director, and the Program Director are elected in odd numbered years while the Secretary/Financial Director, the Scholarship Director, and the Publicity Director are elected in even numbered years.  Student officers are elected yearly. The duties and responsibilities for each of the board members (both teacher and student) are outlined in detail in the PASF bylaws.

Board members meet to run the affairs of the organization at least three times a year: summer, fall, and winter (in addition to the Convention meeting).  These meetings, except Convention, usually take place on a Saturday at a pre-selected site and generally do not last more than one day.

Student Officer Nomination Form

State Board of Director Nomination Form

Organization's governing by-laws.

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