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Spanish Contests are an important part of the PASF program as they measure student success in achieving the PASF goal of attaining a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture.

The following contests will be offered:








The tests will be multiple choice and computer graded. There will be six (6) levels and three (3) categories for each contest.

Winners will be awarded medals for 1st place, ribbons for 2nd through 4th place. There will be awards given to the top four winners in each exam, level, and category.

Contest Rules:

  1. Must be a current, active member of PASF

  2. Must be enrolled in a Spanish class or must have completed two or more years in junior high or one year in high school. A student who is not currently enrolled in a Spanish class must register for the next highest level. Heritage speakers who have never formally studied Spanish in the United States may register for Advanced level exams only.

  3. Each chapter is allowed fifty (50) TOTAL entries. Students may enter one exam each session as long as the chapter does not exceed fifty (50) entries. The fee is $4.00 per student, per contest. No Refunds.

Contest Levels: I, II, III, and Advanced

There will be Level I Jr. High / Middle School and Level I High School. The Advanced level includes IV, V, VI year students, foreign exchange students from Spanish-speaking countries, and Heritage speakers who have never formally studied Spanish in the United States.

Contest Categories:

HERITAGE SPEAKER: An individual raised in a home where the dominant language of the region, such as English in the United States, is not spoken or not exclusively spoken.  Heritage speakers acquire their language before a dominant language but not necessarily completely acquire it because of the individual's switch to that dominant language. 

OUTSIDE EXPERIENCE: Student has contact with Spanish outside the classroom, such as with grandparents or other family members, and/or live in an area where the majority of the population is Spanish-speaking.

REGULAR: Student's ONLY contact with the language has been in the classroom.

Additional Contest Information:

  • Students are required to have a color-coded ticket to enter the testing area. Ticket must include level and category.

  • Students must wear the official PASF wristband to enter the testing area. 

  • Students will be required to give the following information on the Zip Grade Scantron form:

    • Name

    • Level

    • School

    • Category

    • Contest Name

Contest Labels

  • Teachers: To ensure students know what level and category they are competing in, please write this information on the back of the student's color-coded ticket. Computer-generated labels with this information may also be used.

  • Students must have at least two sharpened #2 pencils.

  • Students must be in the testing area before the doors close.

  • When students have completed the test, they should raise their hand and have a proctor collect both the test and the answer sheet.

  • Teachers entering their students will be assigned a time to PROCTOR.

  • Registration forms must be postmarked by published deadline on the website.

  • Be sure to use the Spanish Contest Registration forms in this packet and include the check for the appropriate amount. 

  • Bring the student name sheet with you to Convention.

Testing schedule:


Contest Session 1

Contest Session 2


Contest Session (one entry per chapter)




Contest Session 3

Contest Session 4


Contest Session (one entry per chapter)


• Contestants will be notified of the exact times and locations of the contests in the pre-Convention PAN AM TIMES. The same information will be included in the Convention Guide.
• In case of a discrepancy in scores between categories and placement of a student, a State Contest Committee will place the student in the appropriate category.

• The following are causes for disqualification:

A. Not a PASF member
B. Not officially registered
C. In the wrong category or level
D. State Committee Decision
E. There is either no school name or is an abbreviated school name. Ex: EHS

F. Additional writing on test booklet or Scantron. 

Teachers: In order to be fair to all PASF students, please place your students in the correct category.

Contest Registration forms are linked at the top of this page

Please click on the bolded blue title for all contest forms.


Friday Afternoon
Contest Session 


Friday Afternoon
Contest Session


Friday Afternoon
Contest Session


Saturday Morning
Contest Time

Vocabulary, Civilization & Oral Presentation

Saturday Morning Contest Time

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