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Our Board of Directors are researching on possible destinations. 


Scholarship applications is now OPEN! and is open until the January 17th postmark deadline.


**Changes to Cultural Scholarship Trip:

2019-2020 will NOT be a travel year. 

2020-2021 will be a travel year! 

  • Apply every year. 

  • Travel every other year.

  • Sophomores/Juniors apply on non-travel year.

  • Juniors/Seniors apply on travel year. 

  • ONLY ONE APPLICANT, PER PASF chapter, per year will be accepted. 

Note:  Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation should be mailed to the Scholarship Director to the address listed on the form.  


Myrtle L. Tanner Scholarship

Graduating Seniors are encouraged to apply for this reimbursement scholarship to continue their study of the Spanish or Portuguese language.  

You must be enrolled in a Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American studies course.  

There is a two year window to claim your scholarship from the start of freshman year of college.  

Note: 4 copies of the completed application must be postmarked and mailed to the Scholarship Director by the published deadline.  


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